CADQUEST Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

Probably on the way.

A sales receipt is emailed to you when your order is shipped. The tracking number for your package is listed on your sales receipt. Please visit and enter your tracking number to track your package. UPS will also email you a confirmation notice that includes your tracking number and a direct link to track your package.

I can’t find the part or assembly in the download area, can you send me the missing objects?

You are correct, the objects are not in the download area.

In most cases you are instructed create the new part or assembly in an earlier exercise.

When using our textbooks, you must complete the laboratory exercises in chronological order starting with Exercise 1. If you are in Exercise 2, and the part you are required to open is missing, you probably missed something in Exercise 1.

Does CADquest have textbooks for Pro/CABLING or related modules?


We do not have textbooks for Pro/CABLING, Pro/ECAD, Pro/HARNESS-MFG or other related modules. We do not know of any other sources for textbooks covering these topics.

Does CADquest accept purchase orders?


We require prepayment for all our products and services. We do not accept purchase orders for payment.

Does CADquest have a retail outlet for purchasing textbooks?


We do not have a retail outlet. The only method to purchase our products is by internet or telephone order. We do not have regular office hours. Using our secure internet site to place textbook orders is the best method to ensure timely order processing and shipping.